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The latest complete version of CYPE programs can be downloaded from this webpage, including all their new features and improvements.

You can also check all the new features which appear with every update patch of the 2018 version.

For all antivirus users

We are constantly detecting that some antivirus programs are providing false positive virus detections on files installed with our programs. The CYPE development department has contacted the technical support department of these antivirus programs several times requesting these false positive detections be corrected as soon as possible.

Given that each time more and more users are informing us of this problem, which is not improving, we recommend CYPE program users with this problem to read and follow the steps indicated in CYPE’s FAQ webpage:

The following type of error appears after having installed or executed CYPE programs: "Expression: res != 0 -- File: ____.c (____.DLL) .........."

We also consider users should contact the technical support department of the antivirus program to inform them of the problem.

Download and instructions to install the latest version of CYPE programs

Download now!
2018.k version

  1. Download the file containing the installation of CYPE programs: 2018.k version (5,7 GB).
  2. Decompress in any folder of the hard drive.
  3. Open the chosen language folder.
  4. Follow the installation instructions that appear on screen and choose your version: Professional version, Evaluation version, Campus version or Temporary license

Alternative download using the Download Manager (in all available languages)

Download now!
with the download



If you have problems downloading the complete CYPE program version, use our Download Manager. This tool allows you to download and install the latest CYPE program version in the language of your choice. If the download is interrupted or you decide to cancel it, once the Internet connection has been restored or executed by yourself, the download will continue using the Download Manager.




Corrections of the 2018.k version


Some users may find that the following message appears whilst using the 2018.k version of CYPECAD (downloaded and installed using either of the two methods indicated in the sections above, or installed using the physical CD):

Warning: A security check has failed
File: bigpilar.c (CEGEN.DLL)
Line: 409
Module: CYPECAD.exe

The error can be ignored as many times as it appears (by pressing the “Ignore” button of the panel in which it appears, followed by “Accept”) and the 3D view will be viewed correctly.

Nonetheless, to avoid having to press “Ignore” then “Yes” repeatedly, the problem can be solved by downloading a file that will substitute an existing file, once the 2018.k file has been installed:

  1. Download the file by clicking on the following link:

  2. Decompress it in any file of your hard drive to obtain the file: “cercvar.dll”

  3. Copy the “cercvar.dll” file in the following directory: “C:\CYPE Ingenieros\Version 2018\programs” (If the CYPE programs have been installed in a different drive, copy the file to the same route on the drive where they have been installed).

    When the file is copied to the directory, your operating system will indicate that a file already exists with the same name. Select that you wish to copy and replace the file.

New features of the 2018 version. (displayed per version)


New features of the 2018 version (displayed per program)

Previous versions


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